Return Policy

Things you should know when your delivery arrives:
  • Nos Kunuku Driver will gladly help you verify that the items delivered agree with your invoice.

  • Should you choose to return any product, Nos Kunuku will issue a store credit valid for 30 days.

  • If a product is short on delivery, your Nos Kunuku Driver will make an adjustment on the invoice.

  • If a product is damaged, your Nos Kunuku Driver will make an adjustment on your invoice.

  • Once you are satisfied with your order, please pay/sign the invoice.

Return Policy


An item may be returned, after delivery, only if it meets the important following food safety guidelines:

  • Products are returnable for full credit only when they are in the original package free of markings or damage.

  • Please inspect all ready-to-eat, produce products thoroughly at time of delivery. Due to product integrity and food safety concerns resulting from handling, temperature control fluctuations, and other chain of product control quality issues, produce, dairy, fresh meat and poultry products are not returnable except at time of delivery.

  • Treat returns with extra attention. Nos Kunuku Driver must inspect all products for damage and/or leakage, before a pickup and return can be processed.

  • Non-stock order items have been purchased especially for you from a third source. Because they can’t be resold, they are not returnable except when damaged or of questionable quality at time of deliver. To return non-stock items after delivery, due to damage or quality, you’ll need authorization after an inspection by a designated Nos Kunuku Representative.

  • Should a product present a defect or not meet expected quality standards, Customer Service at Nos Kunuku should be contacted for guidance. At Nos Kunuku, we are dedicated to providing the finest and safest products available, and the peace of mind and service you expect and depend upon.

Make all returns & credit requests within these time frames:

Produce & Perishables – Point of Delivery

Non-Stock Order Items – Non-returnable

Dry Goods – 5 days

For returns & credit requests please contact:

Henny “Barba” Barbolina
WhatsApp: +5999687-6552