Henny Barbolina


Henny Barbolina is a passionate farmer and owner of Nos Kunuku, B.V. While he has only been with Nos Kunuku since 2010, Henny grew up working on farms in Curacao. With more than 30 years of managerial and leadership experience working in the oil industry, he has worked to build Nos Kunuku from the ground up. No stranger to managing high-stakes, large scale projects, Nos Kunuku began as a hobby, but quickly transformed into a full-scale operation.

Taking much of his inspiration from the modern agricultural techniques that he learned abroad, he set out on a path to help reduce the need for Curacao citizens to import their food by providing them with safe, clean, high-quality produce that positively contributes to the health, society, and country.

Henny’s success with Nos Kunuku does not come from places unknown. His father had been a farmer, and his mother had raised livestock on a farm. Living the life of a farmer was simply something that ran through his veins. Each and every day, Henny continues to ensure that his farm works to contribute to the greater good. A firm believer in leading the next generation of farmers and guiding the youth to healthier lifestyles, he works to ensure that through his work, the lives of everyday Curacao citizens can be enhanced, improved, and enriched.

Henny proudly considers himself a teacher within the community. Through his work with Nos Kunuku, he hopes to make people within his community more aware of the implications that come along with importing food, and he’s constantly striving to ensure that they understand the health benefits of home-grown produce.

For Henny, Nos Kunuku is more than just a business – it’s a lifestyle. Each and every day, he works to bring new technologies into his operation to ensure that he can continue to grow Nos Kunuku’s output to achieve the highest percentage of home grown produce that Curacao has ever seen.